I'm Charlie - an illustrator from Llantwit Major, South Wales, and graduate of BA (Hons) Illustration at Falmouth University. 

My work is "tra-digital" . Though I work digitally, I create my own Photoshop brushes using traditional mark making: pencil, pastel, and gouache are textures I use heavily. The use of mark making to create brushes gives my work the texture and depth of traditional media, while the digital format allows me to work with convenience and take my "digital pencil case" anywhere with me. 


Researching for illustrations, or blog posts is the most interesting stage of any project for me. Learning as much as I can about a topic allows me to fully explore ideas and work more insightfully. Travel, history, music, and culture heavily influence my work and writing. I am always keen to learn, and let my research organically direct my process, even in the most minimal way. 


Elements of nature run consistently through my work - inspired by my love of exploring, and taking photos - "Forrest Illustration" was chosen both because of this, and... that's my name. 


Idea girl, illustrator, photographer, and my hometown's "Most Likely to Become The Next Picasso"

  • BA (Hons) Illustration
    Falmouth University - 2018


  • Level 3 & 4 Foundation Diploma
    Art & Design
    University of South Wales - 2015


  • Silver Plate: Michael Grist Award 
    Llantwit Major - 2014

  • Jack & Jessie George Salver 
    Llantwit Major - 2014


  • AS/A2 Fine Art - A*
    Llantwit Major School - 2014


  • National Innovation Award
    WJEC - Top 40 Project in Wales - 2014


  • Young Inventor of the Year
    Rotary Club, South Wales - 2014


  • GCSE Art & Design - A*
    Llantwit Major School - 2012


  • GCSE Art & Design - Textiles 
    Llantwit Major School - 2010

Graduate Show
Woodlane Campus, Falmouth University 
25 May - 30 May 2018

Year 2 Summer Show
Woodlane Campus, Falmouth University 
19 May - 24 May 2017

Year 1 Summer Show
Woodlane Campus, Falmouth University 
3 June - 8 June 2016

Arddangosfa 2015
University of South Wales, Treforest Campus
5 June - 11 June 2015

A Level - End of Year Show
Ysgol Llanilltud Fawr, Llantwit Major  
17 June - 2014

Transfiguration (with Dan Llywelyn Hall and Raphael Pepper)
National Museum of Wales
2 June - 19 July 2009

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet

  • iMac (2017) / MacBook Pro (2018)

  • FujiFilm X-T10

  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Adobe Lightroom